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Technique is more than style, Technique is passion

The heart of Technique is Executive Chef and proprietor Ross Goldflam, whose passion

is crafting classic French cuisine with an American accent.


Technique’s vision is simple: the menu is uncluttered; the experience is uplifting; the first bite

is as good as the last. It’s the ideal spot for date night, an anniversary, birthday or just to celebrate

the day. It’s about savoring and devoting yourself to flavors, surroundings and companions.

Chef Ross’s vision for bringing French cuisine to Westwood, New Jersey is for it to be a holistic experience. The ambience, the food and enjoying the moment come together at Technique like the perfectly balanced ingredients in coq au vin. If a component of the recipe is skipped, it fails to meet Chef Ross’s high standards, so takeout is off the menu.

At the entrance of the bistro is a beautiful display copy of legendary Chef Jacques Pepin’s La Technique. While the book isn’t the inspiration for the name, Chef Ross explains that the idea behind it comes from similar thinking. “The name Technique embodies the concept that when you follow the well-established French technique of food preparation, magic will follow.”

French cuisine is something of a forgotten favorite that has been buried under cuisines du jour that Americans have been discovering. Chef Ross believes that a moment of rediscovery is upon us and that is what Technique is ready to deliver. The balance and craftsmanship that are the touchstone of French cuisine are what diners will taste; the whole of Technique is its experience and that experience will always be special.

Chef Ross Goldflam
Logo Technique
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